Foods in Restaurant Foods category

Food Name  Action
Restaurant, Arroz con grandules (rice and pigeonpeas), Latino Add to meal
ON THE BORDER, cheese and lettuce, soft taco with ground beef Add to meal
Restaurant, fried, battered or breaded, fish fillet, family style Add to meal
Restaurant, without meat or noodles, vegetable chow mein, Chinese Add to meal
CARRABBA'S ITALIAN GRILL, chicken parmesan without cavatappi pasta Add to meal
CRACKER BARREL, from kid's menu, fried, chicken tenderloin platter Add to meal
Restaurant, cheese and lettuce, soft taco with ground beef, Mexican Add to meal
Restaurant, Arroz con frijoles negros (rice and black beans), Latino Add to meal
Restaurant, Arroz con habichuelas colorados (Rice And Red Beans), Latino Add to meal
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